Hi, I’m Grace.

Grace Miles

I’m from Vancouver, BC (Canada).

Psychology intrigues me. I can’t settle until I figure things out. I have a hunch that I will always be trying to figure out how people tick, and how I can better design for them.

I first ventured into design at 8 years old; I designed a website for an online club– the game was based on real people keeping virtual pets, I wanted to attract the most members. My dad is a computer expert, so I always had access to the internet.

Since then, I’ve moved onto designing for people.

I design at the intersection of Business, Psychology, and Design– to make pieces of the world a better place. I am interested in enhancing the way people interact, with brands and each other. Having ventured into entrepreneurship, I have tested psychology techniques in design (using A/B split testing, heat maps, etc.) to draw design insight from business and psychology fields.

P.S. I am interested in Interaction Design and HCI (Human Computer Interaction) fields.

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Grace has illuminated many different paths within the field of blogging and made me more aware of my many different options. Grace is not just your average professional, but she embodies what it means to be a creative and effective blogging mentor. I highly recommend Grace to anyone who is seeking a passionate transition from hobbyist to professional.”

– Michelle Phillips, TheRichPoorGirl.com