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Toni & Guy is an award-winning hair salon that has sponsored London Fashion Week for more than 10 years.

Envision is a mobile application designed to help people find the right stylist who will give them the hair they love.

Toni & Guy Experience Design

Statistics show that people often walk out of salons dissatisfied with their hair or service; if we can prevent this, Toni & Guy’s bottom line will improve. A good brand experience means that customers will stay loyal.

In the case of Toni & Guy– a salon– client experience is closely tied to service.

The problem is fundamental: Many clients cannot communicate their desired hair style to the stylist using words, or they are not working with the stylist who has the right skills to pull it off.

Hair preference is tied to an individual’s personal style. So, let’s reframe this. What if clients can find the right stylist, who can work with their personal style?

Toni & Guy

We created Envision, a conceptual mobile application designed to help people find their perfect stylists who can pull of the looks they love.


Having a great brand experience translates to loyal customers and a better bottom line.

Upon researching Toni & Guy’s consumers, we distilled their behaviour into 3 segments. If we can inspire one type of person to discover their perfect haircut at Toni & Guy, they will share this experience with their friends through the platform, pulling in more potential consumers.

Customer Profiles


Trust is a huge factor when venturing into a salon with an unfamiliar stylist. What if clients can start a relationship with the stylist and brand, by choosing the right stylist before they ever step foot into the salon?

Toni & Guy

How will clients choose a stylist? While most stylists carry physical portfolios, very few have an online presence. What if we can enhance each stylist’s signature looks by showcasing their work online for clients to browse through?

To bring these ideas to life, we looked at micro trends– small, growing forces behind tomorrow’s big changes– that could further drive our project.


1. The Signature

Signatures are unique and personal. Athletes, such as professional figure skaters, have signature moves which help them win medals. Every stylist has a different look that caters a different type of client. We needed to create a platform that helps clients find the right stylist.

Toni & Guy

2. The Portfolio

Most stylists don’t have an online portfolio. However, the online portfolio reaches a wider audience, while instilling pride and motivation in each stylist’s work. We’d like to enhance each stylist’s signature moves through their online portfolio.

Clients may browse through stylist portfolios and get in touch.

Toni & Guy

3. Personalized Style

Ready-made, or off-the-rack, products are traditionally less valuable than the one-of-a-kind. We are starting to take this farther, and crave the products created specifically for one person.

Before a client books an appointment at Toni & Guy, they may receive personalized style feedback from the stylist of their choice. This ensures that they will walk into the salon with confidence.

Toni & Guy

4. Companies as Communities

Tomorrow’s successful companies will work as communities, rather than as machines.

According to FastCompany, education will be a function of apprenticeship and mentorship; benefits will be menus, where everyone’s options differ; salaries will be incentives; and everyone, regardless of age or position, will be able to further their career and influence the organization’s direction.

We wanted to bring the community setting to the salon: anyone, regardless of age or position, will have the opportunity to grow their skills and career.

Because Toni & Guy has salons all over the world, and is involved with Fashion Week, we can use these opportunities to a) retain their best stylists and b) keep young stylists motivated. Toni & Guy will always have a pool of talent to choose from.

Once stylists have cultivated their portfolios, they may apply to different opportunities with Toni & Guy that other salons cannot offer, for example, to style at London Fashion Week.

Toni & Guy

Integrating the Ecosystem

Toni & Guy Design

As a salon, Toni & Guy sells a service that extends beyond the hairdressing experience. A hairstyle defines each individual’s look and style. That’s why Envision considers the conversation in discovering the perfect hairstyle, the salon service, and the post sharing service for each portfolio look.

Envision Portfolio Screen Preview by Grace Miles


This was my first venture into the fashion industry and I was intrigued to discover these complications under the layers of glamour. We had set out to create a design-driven project that enhances brand experience, and although this is a conceptual project, the challenges that remain in styling and Toni & Guy are very much in working order.

Toni & Guy Process Book Toni & Guy Process Book

Click here to view our process book. 

My Role: UX, Graphic Design, Project Management

Additional Team members: Louie Yan, Lisa Cho, Marco Yuen, Ahmed Jozi