The YVR Show

The YVR is a TV and online platform designed for people in Vancouver, to learn about and share our different communities. This overall project will create a better sense of community in Vancouver.

Novus TV will be airing The YVR Show on the Novus Community Channel and on Youtube. It is co-produced with top Canadian blogger Ricky Shetty, who asked me to refine the project’s vision, design the visual brand and logo, and to produce 3 segments.


Ricky and Novus TV also asked me to produce 3 segments on the show, so we kick-started the project by deciding on an overall vision for the show.

We focussed on what was different and interesting and what would spread within Vancouver.

I translated that into my own language. The branding reflects, and enhances:

– Sense of connection
– Celebration of diversity
– Intimacy in each community
– Inspiration to take action, join in

If each episode will resonate with a certain type of audience and the branding can enhance that, then this audience will be more likely to spread our videos.


I talked with Ricky and Novus TV about the show’s goals, competitors, strengths, and projected results for Novus TV. After research and brainstorming, I created a vision board, then sent over 3 ideas for feedback.

The YVR by Grace Miles

Idea One: Balance

The YVR by Grace MilesThe YVR by Grace Miles

We are reframing YVR, the pieces of community. The negative and positive lettering almost imply a conversation. The boldness makes it appropriate for The YVR, as the show will be showcasing different communities in Vancouver in an interesting way.

Idea Two: Connections

The YVR by Grace MilesThe YVR Show Branding by Grace Miles

The rounded paths are comfortable, and imply ease of joining a community. The simple lettering can be overlaid on a b-roll in the background.

Idea Three: Fun

The YVR Branding by Grace Miles The YVR Branding by Grace Miles

The lettering is imperfect but authentic, and implies a hand-drawn look. Elements in the video may be hand-drawn as the show goes on.

Next Steps

We decided that the boldness of the first option was most suitable for the show. The frame concept transfers over to film production and would be easiest to work with.

The YVR by Grace Miles

The YVR by Grace Miles


The visual branding I created was animated and integrated with the video by Novus TV. It was interesting to see how the branding translated to video, once I handed it off (with loving care).